The Story of our Dogs

Dogs have a genetic code 99.99% similar to wolves. Domesticated over thousands of years, dogs have been successfully modified by humans in terms of looks, behavior, and responses. But were we able to alter their inner-body? Their digestive system?

Research says NO !!

Dogs are intelligent creatures and fast learners. Hunting and surviving in the jungles, dogs accumulated knowledge over thousands of years. However, by domesticating them, not only did humans teach new things but also made them unlearn the rich knowledge they accumulated over centuries. Food being one of them.

Starting from scraps and leftovers, we are finally looking at a market where well-being seems to have taken a back seat.
Though home-cooked food ensures quality and seems like the solution, it does not guarantee complete nutrition.No matter how hard we try, we miss out on one thing or the other. After all, dogs are inherently more like wolves and less like humans.

Dogs average out nutrition over weeks and months. We may feel that our dog is "healthy" with whatever we are feeding them, but maybe they are not. The catch with food is it adds to the deficiencies over months and years and kicks back all at once. What may seem like a normal disease is generally the body's response to a poor diet. Studies show how fresh food, balanced diet can increase a dog's life by up to 3 years. Not only this, fresh food is bound to improve the quality of life as well. It can be in the form of increased vigor, strong bones, shiny coat to name a few.

Essentially carnivores, dogs require a balanced mix of proteins, fats, fiber, and micronutrients. There are certain elements that a dogs' body cannot produce on its own.

We at drpuppers' kitchen have formulated two products for the same:

A) A meal plan and,

B) A topper.

A meal plan is a well-balanced diet keeping in mind the nutrition required, digestibility of elements, and the evolutionary needs of our pets. Cooked in FSSAI approved kitchens, under the supervision of food industry veterans, we leave no stone unturned to do our best for our furry friends. A proper diet is sure to bring wonderful changes in their lives.

Topper as the name suggests is to be topped up in the regular food of our pets. Topper's are essentially nutritional dense food that increases the efficacy of food and promotes healthy nutrition. Prepared keeping in mind the evolutionary requirements, taste, and a well-balanced development, it is sure to lure even the pickiest of the eaters to devour their food.

Taste they want, nutrition they deserve.  

Drpuppers' kitchen, because dogs are family.